The Archer of Fire

Not just a blog! A Podcast and Music site, too!

The Archer of Fire

Welcome to a unique website! Where it’s not just a blog, you also get a Podcast and Music to go along with it! But, it gets WAY BETTER!

I the coming months I will be adding stories or “series” to the blog, almost like weekly episodes of tv shows… something fun and exciting at every turn!

Leanbh Fiain Music

Coming Early 2022

Music is what brings us together, it tells stories, it gives us a way to express ourselves, and it gives us a chance to explore ourselves like never before. I am Leanbh Fiain and I started my music WAY BACK in the day. On March 14, 2022, I will have 5 full albums out on all major streaming services… And then I thought, most people do not subscribe to streaming music, so I am creating a page just for you!

The Archer of Fire Podcast

Coming Early 2022

So I had the crazy idea of starting a podcast, and then realized I had nothing to talk about. So… I sat and thought about it and came up with a clever idea… why not, have the podcast as the beginning point for my blog posts and then finish it out with the blog!?!

I am totally going with that idea, and so here we are… The Archer of Fire Podcast

News and Stuff


Come join the fun with my music beginning on January 5, 2022. New Albums will be released throughout each year!


This is like the VIP treatment! You get to hear pre-blog posts before they even finish up here! Now isn’t that just F’ing Awesome!??!

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Safety and Health!

With many states extending the COVID-19 Mask Mandate, unlike my state (Texas), this page will be setup with live feeds of COVID-19 info

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Want to Help Out?

Love my music? Love the Podcast? Did you know you can help out monthly on the podcasts by becoming a Listening Sponsor? Or, you can buy a digital album of my music! You will get a chance to listen to them on the site…